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Posted by Ben ( on 16:55:11 12/05/12

In Reply to: Re: update on my 1996 K3500 Sub and misc ramblings... posted by Ben

Heck, while looking through my album, found this of two other members. They have/had 1500's. Guess who? Plus warn others who might have lunch with them...they can stomach hot sauce well past my level of pain... :)

Been through at least five sets of tires, IIRC. Mostly Michelin, but no longer a Michelin fan. They crack over time and yes know that all tires age, but not as fast as Michelins.

First set after the OEM Firestones. One blew and thought bad luck. Driving on the freeway and a guy honked pointing back to the right rear. Pulled over and it had blown and didn't even notice it and I'm a nitpicker about anything automotive and more

Replaced that one and another went flat and would not hold PSI. So a gosh darn, just have to buy a new set of five and another gosh darn, gotta get new wheels while at it... :)

These were the first set of Michelins (LT265/75R16C) on new alloys (16x10 with a negative 1.5" offset, OEM is positive 1.5" offset, so total of 3.0" offset per side with a 6.0" total offset, plus the wider rims and tires to make my track +10.5" more than stock)
2012passedSMOG 96Sub7.4L, Well below state average, even below for cars

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