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Posted by Ben ( on 15:46:50 12/21/12

In Reply to: Re: Possible product suggestion posted by OnBelay

First, let me understand the naming of parts as I know it

The receiver is bolted to the TV (tow vehicle) frame and has a pin box to hold the SH_NK

The sh_nk is the part to is placed into the receiver's pin box. Normally 2", but there are 1.25" and 2.5" pin box sizes. Your backup lights are mounted on this shank, right?

The sh_nk has the hitch head bolted to it when a WD system is used. Some sh_nks have just the b_ll bolted to it.

The hitchhead of a WD system has the b_ll bolted to this and has the WD spring bars attached to this hitchhead. Some systems has a tiny offset b_ll for a friction bar

Trailer b_lls require torque in the 250, 350, 450 or more ft/lb of torque

Shanks left in the receiver pin box has a very RICH history of rusting and freeze themselves in that pin box.

Rust (iron oxide) is approximately 7 times larger in volume than the iron it forms from

So the pin box rusts and the shank rusts to form an interference fit (almost as good as welding themselves together)

Why I do NOT leave mine in all the time.

Spray painting both the innards of the pin box and shank will NOT solve this. Just slow it down because the fit is not a tight that rattles to rub off anything you paint/plate/etc

I spray mine with Amsoil 'HD metal protectorant', which also wears off over time, but easy to do each time mine goes on/off

I also use a grade 8 bolt/washer/n_t as my pin. Sometimes use a Master Lock pin (nephew gave me his, so why not). Still like the grade 8 bolt better, but undecided as the locking feature wanted

As for the rear end collision thing...why the GMT900 Suburban's receiver is only rated for 1,000 pounds with a WD Hitch system.

The marketing folks listen to their biggest crowd (fashion statement) and they don't like to 'see' the receiver. So marketing told engineering to 'hide' it

The engineers hide it by incorporating it into the bumper, which dictates 'crash' responsibilities

That then requires 'crumple zone' duties and the bracket connecting the Sub's rear frame rail to the receiver has notches cut into that bracket. That bracket is also welded to the frame rails

Why there are no aftermarket receiver providers for any GMT900 Suburban, yet.

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