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Posted by #1 Son ( on 23:08:18 02/03/13

This "Conversation Starter: My favorite moment in a Suburban was..." was posted by OnBelay way back in September of 2012.

I figure that, being so old, my post below may NOT be seen by many of you. So, I just create THIS NEW Thread to continue the "Conversations".

Here is the link to the Old Thread:
Conversation Starter: My favorite moment in a Suburban was...

Here is my follow-up post: It should be retitled as:
My NOT too favorite moment in a Suburban

Way back in the years around 1954-55 when I drove my family Chevy Suburban TRUCK to get vegetables for our store, I would made deals with sellers in the Farmer's Market for some specials for the following week's sales.

It was Summer time, those BIG old Texas Hempstead Black Diamond Water Melons (weighing about 40 pounds each) were plentiful. So, I ordered 50 of them for 18 cent each for the following week's sale for the store.

The day came and we loaded them into the "truck" and drove home, so to speak. I had to cross over a section of the US-59 being built here in Houston. As I went over the dirty hump, I heard a CRUNCHING sound coming from the back. Stopped and looked. The truck's rear bumper was only about 10-12 inches from the ground!

Then, I CRUNCHED some numbers in my mind, like 50x40-pound equals 2,000 POUNDS!

How much could a 1500 carry?

I was lucky to have been able to inch myself back to the store!

#1 Son


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