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Posted by Ben ( on 13:22:01 03/21/13

In Reply to: Re: Service engine light?? posted by OnBelay

For those who might be interested, just do a simple search on racing plugs

Most all, except Bosch, have cut back designs

The flame kernel propagation's shape is one of the holy grails of spark ignition

Key to to ignite as much at once.....WITHOUT it being an explosion (ping or knock)

Simple laws of physics and most (not all) of the snake oil stuff plays on a tiny aspect of it.

Like that Tornado gizmo. It does have merit for upstream introduction of fuel. A kinda sorta for TBI and silly for anything closer to the intake valve

Issue with them is that their down side worse than any possible benefit from better fuel atomization or vaporization...they reduce the intake cross section and the vary vortexes that mix the air/fuel also hinders air flow.

Similarly, there are some spark plugs out there that do a similar thing.

The most famous is the Split Fire, which plays with the very laws of physic's a cut back design does, but it is still a long ground strap that has been split at the end

That split or 'V' is similar to many and their issues are mainly two fold

#1 is that they reduced the cross section of the ground strap by that split and like the Eplug and Halo they surround the center electrode (but still reduces the cross section). That then gets it hotter than a normal ground electrode, so it's resistance goes up, requiring more voltage

Another, it's name escapes me right now, has a complete surround or dome for the ground strap.

All of them plays with the corona affect, as does a normal plug. But their down sides negates any benefit

#2 Fouling due to misfires or build up. Misfires because of the higher resistance, that then places higher demands on the ignition system. Over time the ignition system fails due to over voltage that is compounded by both ever higher voltage requirements and build up from misfires

Forgot HOW2 write dynamic links, but put in one of my favorites, but at $200 bucks each...modify to make my own. Just do a simple search using 'spark plug' and 'racing' and you will find most all major OEMs have them. Like NGK, Autolite, AC Delco, Denso, etc...Bosch will not, as they have the patent on side (their 'T' version, IIRC) and their platinum +4 (better than stock, but still not as good as a cutback)

For those who wish to delve into this a bit more, search for 'spark plug', 'flame kernel', 'propagation', 'plasma', 'corona affect'...some might be listed under: 'corona effect'.

Oh, another I like to try, but hard to find is:

If you know any racers, especially dragsters...ask them about indexing and cutback plugs

Good luck...I tried...


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