heater control gone awry

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Posted by Peter ( on 12:45:49 02/18/14

2000 NBS K1500 LS

I have had this problem intermittently in the past but I haven't driven the sub much recently so I don't know if this is another incident or now a full time problem.

The temperature control on the dash for the front heat/ac does not seem to affect the temp. It is always hot. The rear heater control does work for those vents. In the past, I thought it was an electronics issue since turning off the car and back on resovled it but not today. Outside temp in the 20's and I had to crack the windows open for comfort.

Looking for info on the temp control. Is it electronic or mechanical from the dial on the dash? Are there servo motors or vacuum lines? Do I look under the dash or under the hood? If a vacuum line, would I hear the engine run rough since it is letting in air or at least hear a new "air" noise? What is the troubleshooting protocol?

All ideas are welcome if anyone is still reading these posts.

- Peter

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