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Posted by OnBelay ( on 08:36:55 03/07/14

In Reply to: '97 posted by Kurt Ceynar

: 1997 - 118K
: Son-in-law is having an issue with reverse. He shifts it to R and nothing happens until he ups the RPM a little and it drops into reverse.
: I told to start with a service - fluid and filter - not a flush. Any other thoughts. I would think it's the 4l60e - so it might be a solinoid - but that means a rebuild right?
: Any input - as always - is appreciatd.

Very little chance it is a solenoid. Solenoid" is an engineer's name for a switch. If the transmission is shifting into reverse, the switch is working. Problem is more likely to be related to a lack of maintenance and not keeping clean fluid in the transmission.

Pan drop and filter change has not been effective for transmissions sine the early 80's.

Fluid and filter replaces less than 30% of the fluid, and is a waste of time and money. Raising RPMs indicates the fluid passages are partially obstructed by corrosives. 4 or 5 quarts of new fluid will not have enough detergency to clean out any obstructions in the passages.

Find a shop that uses BG products and BG's synthetic transmission fluid. They will put in a cleaner that runs through the passages and instead of "flushing", will chemically break down the bonding agents in the varnishes, allowing them to become suspended in the transmission fluid.

Since the bonding agents are broken down, the crud will not flow downstream and stick somewhere else. BG uses a petroleum base, whereas Justice Brothers, Seafoam, etc. all use an alcohol base that just breaks the corrosion free and pushes it downstream, where it can reattach to other blockages, or clog the filter.

Then when they push the new fluid into the system, they will add a conditioner that is basically the same additive package the fluid has in it. This additive package will allow the transmission to run longer before the deposits start to form again, without "overmedicating" the system.

Around here, a BG service runs $180-$225. A pan drop and filter will run $150 and do one third the job.

For the money you are gambling, you may as well do the "flush" correctly and get whatever life you have left out of the transmission.

BG "Find a Shop":

I HIGHLY recommend you watch the BG Transmission Service video:

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