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Posted by Steve G ( on 07:24:21 04/14/14

In Reply to: Re: ABS posted by 92sub

: There is a small sensor in each front wheel hub/bearing that gets corrosion under it. It's only held on with one bolt so the rust lifts the sensor slightly and causes what you are experiencing. Pull the sensor out, plug the hole with paper towel and grind off the rust. I put a layer of anti-seize on the cleaned area, pull out the paper towel and reinstall the sensor. this repair is usually good for a few years at least.

I removed both front wheel sensors. The screws (5mm hex) were surprisingly easy to remove. There was corrosion under both sensors. One of the sensors came apart while pulling it out. The plastic tube that protects the coil stayed in the hole. I fished it out and bought a new sensor from the local parts store (about $50 with coupon). It was pretty easy to do. The hardest part was removing the caliper bracket bolts which are torqued to about 220 lb-ft. I ended up using a breaker bar and hitting it with a sledge, since my impact wrench wouldn't fit in the area behind the bolt. So far, no more ABS pulsing just before a slow stop.

I found out there was a recall on this problem and had my local dealer run the VIN number to see if GM would do it for free first, but mine already had the recall done in 2006. The dealer must have done it while I had it in for some other service. The service manager said he has cleaned the sensor surface 3 times on his Suburban because of this problem.


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