Re: how much A/C charge to put in?

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Posted by Peter ( on 16:13:09 06/16/14

In Reply to: Re: how much A/C charge to put in? posted by OnBelay

: Ol' Uncle OnBelay is going to step in with his "fix it right or don't bother because you're only screwing it up worse" attitude...

Oh boy, I should have asked Uncle OnBelay before I started in on this. I woke up this morning during a little rain shower. When I got out to my driveway, there was a pretty flourescent puddle under the very front of the truck. I reached under the bumper and came away with a bright green wet hand. It did not just wipe off or smell like antifreeze so I am pretty sure it was dye. I suspect that the rain had washed the dye to ground and off the condensor.

I either have a decent size leak in the condensor or I created one with all the r134 I put in.

I am taking it in to the shop later this week and will update you then.

- Peter

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