Re: Transfer Case DTC C0327 TXFR Case Encoder

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Posted by Matt L. ( on 09:40:25 10/29/14

In Reply to: Re: Transfer Case DTC C0327 TXFR Case Encoder posted by OnBelay

: : Thanks to all!
: :
: : Everything is apart. Part is due in tomorrow. Odd discovery during disassembly.
: :
: : Front differential is engaged. As in the yolk won't turn. I had to push the burb forward 6" to get the front driveshaft to clear enought to pull it forward. Any ideas? Is my front diff actuator shot too or did it just stop in the engaged position when the encoder died freezing the entire 4wd system in place?
: :
: : Lastly, should I be able to rotate the txfr case encoder shifting lug? It will rotate slightly against what feels like spring tension and rebound to its original position.
: :
: : New blue fluid going in too. Sadly its not blue anymore. I've been neglectful. Please don't call SPS (Suurban Protective Services)on me life has been terribly busy these past few years!
: :
: : Thanks again!
: :
: : Matt
: :
: Best guess is that the front is engaged because the actuator/encoder is telling it to be engaged. The fact that it is engaged when the actuator/encoder is telling the system it is NOT engaged is why you have a code.
: And yes, you should be able to rotate it...from memory, about an 1/8 of a turn? Don't recall exactly how far it should move. Haven't messed with one for a long time.

Thanks On Belay! That's what I thought too. The last time I took it out of 4L it protested a bit, was definately not normal.

I know the txfr case isn't in any 4 wheel mode since it was on the rollers for emissions since this cropped up.

That said, I hope I didn't damage the txfr case of front diff by driving it some with the front diff engaged and the front drive shaft free wheeling along.

Front diff yolk does rock approx 1/8" or so back and forth before trying to turn the wheels. Un-engaged shouldn't it just spin freely?

I seem to remember there being a quick test for the front actuator but can't find it. Any ideas?

Lastly, should I be able to rotate the txfr case shift lug to different positions manually?



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