95 K1500, 145k miles. Keep it or let it go. Help me decide....

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Posted by Art R ( on 10:45:54 06/13/08

I have a 95K1500 with a Starcraft Conversion package. It's been a great truck. However at 145,000 miles, I know I am due for mechanical repairs and a few surprises.

Right now, I know I need:

idler and pitman
tire rod ends
upper ball joints
center link

In the next year, I figure I will need:

tires and whatever surprises lie in store (trans, water pump, radiator, fan, alternator, catalytic converter - who knows - depends on what fails when)

I drive annually about 10,000 miles right now.

I'm also hearing some noise from the a/c compressor, though it may be normal...not sure.

I just put in a new battery. Also had trans service done and the mechanic said it was sound, no issues. The front transfer case needed some repair as a clip had broken on a shaft and I was getting some noise. Also both U-joints replaced on rear shaft.

The truck is in great shape and looks very good. I have pride driving it (when it's clean!), though the price of gas is a killer (42 gallon tank).

I have driven it lightly and never towed anything.

I want to get 2 more years out of it. However, I could also take adavantage of the great deals on cars now available and get something smaller. I use it mainly for commuting, so it is more vehicle than I really NEED.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


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