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Posted by Ben ( on 11:23:37 06/14/08

In Reply to: Oil additives posted by kcburb

: Any thoughts? Is the stuff worth it??

I've purchased/used this kind of stuff ever since my first bicycle rebuild as a teen and continue to this day...but...I'm much more likely to not than anything else.

The fluids of today (except for DeathCool) are fine for the average user, period.

When I was racing and found that many of my buddies were engineers and researchers, so learned a bit from them

On the extreme end, the 'good' or 'premium' fluids are also 'okay', but will not last as long as if used in a sane manner.

Analysis was not available to us mortals back then and the taletail sign were #1 PSI change/drop, #2 consumption, #3 color and smell

Today, the key for me is consumption of engine oil. This also telling the the tranny fluid as it was there along for the same ride too.

Key is the change the fluids on a regular basis, to check the conditions often and use as high of a quality/premium level as you can afford.

Currently use dino oil mixed with synthetic, as a 50/50 blend brings up the dino to near 80% of synthetic, or drops the synthetic down about 20%. A chemical engineer/scientist form the labs discussed this with the other scientists over another engineers useage of the cheapest he could get (by the gallon jug at any discount like Target/Wallyworld/K/etc).

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