New Radiator in the '99 this weekend

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Posted by ajohnson ( on 23:57:57 06/15/08

Have been battling a slow coolant leak in the Sub, and while wife was idling with a/c going at airport waiting to pick me up, guess it got a little warmer! Noticed when I got in temp guage was high, we stopped at closest mini-mart, started steaming so let it cool a bit before filling up with H2O for 10 mile drive home. Made it home ok, but leaking more pronounced now, go figure...guess it's finally time with summer here now in full swing...113F today in PHX.

Sourced a new one after several calls from, $1 more for 2-1/8" core vs. 1-1/4"-core, $148 vs. $147, so no-brainer. Original was 1-1/4"...found $25 off coupon online thanks to Google, so $139 out the door with tax, delivered...except they couldn't deliver until Monday so I went and picked up myself.

Install of this radiator was much easier than that on my RV last year, RV is '88 Ford 460, and rad is all copper- weigh a ton, plus I upgraded to 4-row in RV, and is bolted in with pesky hard to get to bolts; Sub rad is plastic tanks with aluminum and drop in, remove brackets on top only.

Also replaced hoses, cleaned condenser coils, changed oil and fuel filter while I was at it. A good day for car maintenance even if it was 110...


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