The HORROR...cap and rotor turns out to be more. Distributor, wires, plugs, widgets

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Posted by Art R ( on 15:08:27 12/03/07

Just thought I would post my recent experience.

95K1500 with 140,000 miles was running rough, sputtering...stalling. I swapped out the cap and rotor. Seemed better, until it rained. Tried to replace plug wires, but gave up (too cold & clips were a pain).

Took it to the shop.

New Plugs (Champion Platinum) x 8
New Cap
New Rotor
New Plug Wires
New Distributor

Distributor was apparently cracked with a hairline crack in the magnet. According to mechanic it was causing problems and burning up the Rotor and Cap.

So what started as a "runs rough when wet" turned out to be more. I wish I had a heated garage, more time and better tools. I would have done it myself. But time is money.

In this case $ and labor inclusive with an oil change.

Running well, but I have to see about the rain. Hopefully it's been cured.

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