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Posted by Ben ( on 11:32:08 12/08/07

In Reply to: Interesting Twist... posted by Frankenbiker

Politics...hate government or private

If the new SMOG rules are coming that close and Ford is considering changing horses in the middle of the river....assume they have a better or as good a horse to switch to, right? "Their" new diesel has been running for a few million miles in test mules, right?

If not, then HUMONGOUS risk and since they seem to be burning their bridges with Navistar, no place to go if there should be problems.

I don't know the details nor the whole story, but at first blush, hope Ford has a good horse under wraps. I'm still learning/reading up on diesel, but now know that the Ford Navistar customers are very loyal and will hurt if they screw up.

Ford seems to be negotiating from a position of power, or they think they are. How much of Navistar's business is Ford? If not a huge number, then Ford surely is going to shoot themselves in the foot if their diesel hiccups.

As for the sensor. Assume it reads a metal gear or tab as reference to where the cam is in reference to everything else.

Most likely a Hall Effect sensor.

Wonder what the failure mode is? Hall Effect sensors in some of my industrial designs are still working and that is around 3 decades. Much more severe service conditions too.

No moving parts and just voltage to the Hall Effect device that generates a magnetic field that the metal gear/tab crosses.

Can't imagine a mechanical or optical sensor.

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