Calling all on the board. The mystery (misery) continues. But I'm determined.

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Posted by Art R ( on 18:56:56 12/11/07

Over the last few weeks I've replaced the fuel filter, cap,rotor,distributor,plugs,plug wires,EGR valve,MAP sensor, thermostat,throttle body gasket....I think that's it.

The original problem was "runs rough when wet". No codes. Everything but the MAP sensor was due anyhow..

MAP apparently was showing low voltage. So out it went. My mechanic used a spray bottle to get components wet and see what effect, but couldn't get it to repeat. Also checked for vacuum leaks all around.

With the MAP sensor swap, we thought it was fixed. However, it is not. The problem has improved, but is not cured.

At first, it was a problem at all times whenever it was wet (symptoms: once wet, the motor ran rough and would surge/fall and stall at idle. At speed it ran rough and felt like it was missing, typically at around 1500 rpms).

Now, after all of the effort, it only appears to do it when wet AND cold. Once fully warmed up it runs fine. Again..wet it the key triggering event.

I typically have to park it outside because our garage is too full for two. After a good rain or a drenching car wash...the problem appears.

Any ideas? My mechanic is a trusted friend, but he's on the other side of town and I will take it to him this weekend. He's scratching his head now too. Says it could be O2 sensor, but it didn't throw any codes for that....was replaced about 50-60,000 miles ago.

I'm just fishing because my knowledge of vehicles comes almost exclusively from reading this board...but how about any of these?

Loose ground? But where?
Cat Converter going bad?
Fuel pump going bad?

Please help out and give me your thoughts on this one.



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