Re: Calling all on the board. The mystery (misery) continues. But I'm determined.

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Posted by Frankenbiker ( on 22:54:09 12/18/07

In Reply to: Calling all on the board. The mystery (misery) continues. But I'm determined. posted by Art R

:: Any ideas? My mechanic is a trusted friend, but he's on the other side of town and I will take it to him this weekend. He's scratching his head now too. Says it could be O2 sensor, but it didn't throw any codes for that....was replaced about 50-60,000 miles ago.

It may or may not be relevant, but the oxygenated fuels used these days wreaks havoc on oxygen sensors, turning what was a once-per-vehicle-lifetime replacement into a yearly or every-other-yearly maintenance item.

As I recall, you're working with a TBI system, and those are ridiculously simple and all-but-idiot-proof. Check the standard electrical problems, such as battery terminals (notoriously easy to break/corrode) and cables. If you haven't tried the coil, you might go ahead and do it now, since that's about the only thing left, light show or not. If you have a few extra Quid to spend, you might consider a higher-performance coil instead of a GM/Delco one. I'd not even consider anything EXCEPT a Delco or a high-performance aftermarket unit. (i.e. completely ignore the cheaper parts-store-brand units).

Double check and make sure that you don't have any wires (plug or otherwise) accidentally laying on an exhaust manifold. When I had a gas engine, I was notorious for doing this. :-D

You may also have to go in and replace the 3(!) plastic vacuum lines from the throttle body to the MAP sensor, PCV Valve, and charcoal canister. Cracks in these lines can be VERY difficult to find/diagnose, and vacuum hose is cheap. Being that the truck is 10+ years old, it's probably time.


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