Dad's 91 caddy fuel pump went

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Posted by Ben ( on 13:03:04 12/20/07

Guess 'any' GM fuel injection pump has a short life.

Dad's 91 Caddy STS died at the rehab gym. Finished
working out and it wouldn't start. Gym shorts and in the
rain and didn't have anything to bang on the tank bottom.

Called AAA and the guy took one look and said GM, then
went back to his tow truck to get a hub cap lever/hammer
(rubber). Told me to crank it while he was underneath
and banged the tank.

Took about 5 bangs one sputter and finally, it started.
Told me to not turn it off till at the mechanics.

Called the mechanic informing him I'm coming in and
the symptoms. He ordered the pump as soon as we hung up.

Got the car back Monday and it now runs better. It was
pinging under light load. From a stop and even when
moving and only need a 'bit' of throttle to maintain
or increase speed. It no longer does that and think
the pressure was low for a long time and that the
injectors couldn't meter well at such a low level.

Talked to the tow truck driver asking him if the new
GMs still have this problem. Sure and it's not just GM.
Ford too, but mostly GMs.

Thinking of getting another rubber mallet for all of my
GMs. Sub and this Caddy.

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