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Posted by Ben ( on 12:56:02 12/21/07

In Reply to: Re: Air engine powered econo box posted by 92sub

This is something that has puzzled me for a long time and think based on ICE powered (Internal Combustion Engine).

Economy doesn't have to be 'small'... Yes, the laws of physics says less energy to get it going and keep it moving...but...if you add in 're-generative' braking, it will recapture 'some' of that energy.

Wonder if these air engines scale well. Meaning efficiency and power ratio.

Bigger vehicle means much bigger storage. For both single powered and hybrid powered. More batteries and larger air tanks on this one.

Translates to longer range and bigger power plant. The link Marty posted confirms this.

Current air compressor IP is not efficient enough for this to become main stream. I know of two solid state (no moving parts) AC compressors that are, but that IP is sitting on Sun Micro's IP shelf (plus I know a few of the issues that plagued the physicists). We produced over 800 PSI during the first proto test and I authorized them to order explosion proof workstations.

Back on the size of the vehicle, it can be a large sedan or better yet, one of the CUVs, as cabin height helps stuff more and/or larger air tank(s) in there.

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