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Posted by Ben ( on 22:41:06 01/05/08

In Reply to: Re: please explain posted by Cheyenne

Ex father in law just passed away. WWII pilot, Silver Star (movie about him). Dad was the air
force in WWII too, but ground crew (DI...boxing one of his specialties). You guys are a special breed.

170*F is confirmed by several as the set point, or basis point for 'reliable' closed loop. Why 180*F
is a good place. Plenty of head room below the point of reduced power (200*F) and allows power
mode (full advance, crisp shift points, etc).

Sure it's illegal, but it's in closed loop and my vehicles all pass Calif Smog by a wide margin,
even over cars of the same year. To me, as long as it passes with that amount of margin and I can get
power mode and the fuel milage, it's an okay thing. Just don't tell'm... :)

I'll not take out the CAT, too far over that line.

Think you'd like the solid state compressor technology I purchased for Sun Microsystems.
Replaces a typical AC compressor (4 cycle piston/cylinder setup) with an absorber (common
material, but not cheap, yet) and inside of a special chamber, it is excited and it absorbs gas
into itself to become a solid. Reverse that excitement in a certain way and the solid releases
this gas in a liquid form at +900 PSI. The only moving part is a one way valve so that it will
pump (standard $0.50 AC valve).

Efficiency in my laboratory (SunLabs) on a 2nd gen prototype was near 93%. Physicists thought they
were well on the way to 97%.

Scales from postage stamp sized to tonnage.

I know where they were and what their problems were.

Pains me, as it's just sitting on their IP self, as no one knows enough about it (they laid my
skunk works team off, me too).

Thought you'd like it...having a background in that area.

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