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Posted by Ben ( on 15:48:19 01/08/08

In Reply to: Bring on the technology - Article gives hope! posted by George U

Share his dream for years, but he's ahead in actually building this.

Too many only look at small cars for this, but miss the point that, that is based on ICE technology (internal combustion engine).

Storage and supply 'rates' are the key.

Traction motors (ICEs are engines, electric are motors) have been around since the first electric locomotives. The current one for the next gen military vehicles has over 1,500 HP and over 1,000 ft/lbs of torque at ZERO rpms.

He is using capacitors and guess supplemented with batteries of some sort (just skimmed the story).

My design used a diesel generator. The turbine might be too loud and tough to muffle. The 'burn any fuel' is nice, but since we have gasoline and diesel most everywhere, ICE for now.

The efficiency of turbines vs ICE is unknown to me at this time.

My current architecture being noodled for my Suburban would use a tank traction motor's little brother and tons and tons of whatever COTs batteries.

Dependent on the motor spec's, 90VDC looks like the motor voltage and over drive it to 120VDC for burst of speed.

Since an electric motor has such a great torque curve, no transmission will be needed. The diff ratio can be 1:1, maybe 1.x if needed, but that would push over driven more over drive would then be needed.

Since the generator would only be employed to recharge. It's throttle setting will be 100% most of the time, which is it's most efficient (ICE, that is).

Since this will be 100% electric, regenerative braking will be the norm, so recapture energy used to accelerate. maybe in the 40%-60% recapture and will be dependent on the storage device.

That solid state AC compressor IP can also make the conductive matrix for next gen L-Ion batteries, which will have a better electrical matrix and less bulk, so more chemicals can be loaded per cell.

This is one of the electric motors I"m looking at for pure economy Warp motors

And this one for performance Military motor

Going to like this thread!!!!

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