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Posted by George U ( on 20:11:32 01/08/08

In Reply to: Re: Bring on the technology - Article gives hope! posted by Ben

: forgot to list a potential DIY info page.

Yep - i looked at last year and got a price for an advanced conversion kit including AC motor and controller with regen capability for the 88 Nissan i have sitting around. I just cant justify the $7K plus battery costs for a 40-50 mile range vehicle. From what i have read, even the best deep cycle (e.g. Golf cart type) FLA battries for this application are good for maybe a couple of years of daily use and would NOT be economical even though the "fuel" (electricity) cost would be pennies per mile. I could spend much less initial capital on a lower technology DC/contactor approach and have a 20-30 mile range vehicle - but battery replacement is still a killer. I was hoping the Li Ion batteries will come down soon! Also, i need A/C in this part of the country and would have to rig up a low power compressor for it to be usable in the summer. This donor vehicle is a FWD so not a good candidate to run without trannny unless i jack it up and put in a rear drive axle. I suppose an old rear differential could be shortened and adapted to the front end/CV axles. That would be a big machining cost.

I have been wondering what the expensive parts of an AC inverter are and if much of it could be substituted with software running on a dedicated (fast clock rate) PC controlling the high current IGB transistors thru appropriate isolation circuits. Software is cheap to replicate. Haven't had time to look into this much.

I have an E-85 capable 2002 burb. Have been toying with the idea of adding a turbocharger to get back some of the lost mileage when burning the stuff(I get 75% of the mileage i get on regular gas). I could turn the boost down when i have to burn lower octane gas. Supposedly, SAAB is doing this with an Ethanol-only or E-85-only engine in Europe (cant remember if they turbocharge or simply up the compression ratio with engine geometry). Wonder if hydrogen injection would help this application? This is the wife's main vehicle so i have to have a proven turnkey solution including mods to the ECU/chip. Or i could wait till its worn out (its got 125K now), do a ring/bearing rebuild and have it to play around with.

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