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Posted by Ben ( on 21:02:01 01/08/08

In Reply to: Re: Bring on the technology - Article gives hope! posted by George U

Key to battery longevity (this type) is how far it is drained. Going below 50% reduces its life span by a significant factor. Don't remember the percentage, but it was like 40%-50%.

Why having an on board charger and/or larger battery capacity is critical for battery life.

The componentry is just not there for a good DIY, yet. Main issues are the controller and batteries.

The best I've seen to date is the Prius modified by a San Louie, CA engineer. He added another battery pack (don't know what type of battery) and changed the controller.

Assume he changed the software to only use the ICE as a charger and emergency power if the distance is too great. Also assume that function was driver selectable.

Again, why a larger RWD vehicle is best at this time. More room after removing the tranny and the engine bay can then hold the batteries. If a truck with a full frame, then batteries can be mounted on either side of the drive shaft.

Till the componentry is available and affordable, ICE is the only thing we have, so make it a hybrid.

When I was consulting on a hybrid comonent, the OEM marketing folks were a real pain, as they didn't get it, nor did their management. The surveys they were using didn't ask the 'right' questions.

So no charge cord, as the consumer won't buy'm if there is one. It had to be 'small', else not considered economic.

Another thing, MPG is wrong, wrong. MPB (miles per buck) is better. Whatever the fuel source costs and whatever the 'charge' or 'fill' goes so many miles. Gasoline, diesel, propane, alcohol, electric, etc, etc costs a buck per some volume/metric/etc. That goes so many miles.

This then levels and is common to all sources of energy. MPB works for me....

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