Re: Bring on the technology - Article gives hope!

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Posted by Ben ( on 19:24:32 01/10/08

In Reply to: Re: Bring on the technology - Article gives hope! posted by George U

Talked to a friend who has one of the first gen Prius and he has priced a replacement battery a few years ago. Back then it was $10,000.00 bucks !!!

His is batteries are based on either "AA" or "C" L-Ion from what he could find.

Anyone know what battery pack the guy in San Louis CA used?

Lots of info and not enough time. Just poking around while here on Find that the 2009 Chevy Silverado Hybrid has been announced with a 300-volt nickel-metal hydride system (assume the battery is 300V, but could be lower DC and inverter buzzes it up to 300V).

So the battery tech is moving, albeit very slowly and very custom for now. Wonder if the 2009 Chevy's battery is available and how much...

I still like a full sized truck as the basis, as there is more room than any 'car' will have.

Just did a quick review of a Warp motor & their controller and when you add any kind of battery system, well over your budget. It's still just too expensive with the componentry available right now.

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