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Posted by Jake ( on 17:55:54 01/12/08

In Reply to: Tranny question posted by Mark Mumy


You may be right. I'm having some issues right now myself. In both first gear and reverse, if I accelerate more than very lightly, I gear a nasty grinding and nashing of gears. My truck dropped the driveshaft last week. This started within days of being repaired. I'm putting my money on the T-case Saver. I think when the shop slid the driveshaft back in place they broke the snap ring that holds the output shaft in the transfer case. The T-Case Saver replaces the snap ring with a collar. Much stronger, and only $40. If that isn't the problem, I may be looking at a new tranny too. I've already picked the TCI Streetfighter as my best replacement. I have a Peninsular Diesel that puts out just over 300hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque. That's a bit more than the stock tranny was supposed to handle. I'd love to put an Allison in there, but the budget won't allow it. I'd also have to lift the truck 2" for the Allison tranny to clear the body... One of the reason GM didn't put the Duramax into the Suburban, but don't get me started on that issue...

96 K2500 Suburban 6.5TD

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