Bearing Noise getting worse

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Posted by Marty ( on 16:55:23 01/16/08

I have a 'worn bearing' noise in the drivetrain. It has been getting worse for some time now. Last night, I think it was getting hot because I could smell a different 'hot metal' smell blow from under the truck. I thought I could hear a faint 'tink' of metal cooling. Still cannot really pinpoint the source. It only makes a rolling, light growl above 20 to 35mph; depending on the conditions. Sometimes it will go away; or cannot be heard.
I have inspected the driveline. All fluids are fine. The cv's are not making noise. The front axle actuator works, and there is no excess 4wd noise when activated. I jacked up the rear and listened to it up to 50mph without noise.
The only sound I can seem to trace is around the transfer case. If I spin the rear drive shaft by hand, I can hear a high pitch squeak near the front of the t/c.
Wife wants to shoot it in the block. I want to get another 20k miles out of it. It's already up to 185k miles ('94 K1500). Any suggestions? All of the local 'drivetrain' shops seem to have moved out, leaving the general shops and the transmission shops.

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