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Posted by Ben ( on 21:19:59 01/16/08

In Reply to: Bearing Noise getting worse posted by Marty

Could be a hub bearing, but most likely a transfercase bearing and or that chain is rubbing on the case (bad).

The case is made of aluminum/magnesium, so keep it from sparking and/or getting hot.

Known issue with the output shaft coming lose and is that 'collar' Jake is looking at putting on his. I'm also and need the purchase info for that collar.

I've put Molybdenum Disulfide into my stuff ever since the 60's when I found it spec'd out on all the military stuff I was designing back then. Asked on of the physicists and he confirmed it's low co-efficient of friction.

There are two types and I get them mixed up. Disulfide is the solid powder and is best for gears and sliding things. The other dissolves into the lube fluid and does not need to be suspended in it.

CV joints are now very common and largely due to molyb as the main ingredient of the grease.

Get yourself some CV grease and toss a tube of it into your transfer case to see if it will lessen the noise. It's going to be less than $10 bucks for about 6-8 oz.

Did a quick search and found the Wikipedia page and a copy of sources, but any CV joint grease will do.
Rose Mill materials processing
<a href=" VW CV joint grease
1982 Audi 4000 Diesel CV Joint Grease

If it is the transfer case, this will reduce/eliminate the noise.

I've put this in my Suburban and other transfer cases and non-clutch diff's for decades with great results. Has quited many noisy diff's and gear boxes.

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