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Posted by #1 Son ( on 17:00:17 01/23/08

In Reply to: Re: Inoperable horn - Suggested troubleshooting steps posted by NoEcm

: Both the relay and the fuse under the hood checked out good. I also have a 96 Tahoe and I swapped both the fuse and relay between the 2 cars to test them both.
: Yes, I am getting 12v at the relay as measured with a VOM.

1) What did you find out about "your relay" when you place it in you neighbor's Tahoe. Does HIS horn work with your relay? If it the horn sounds, your relay is good.

2) If the Tahoe's horn does not work with your relay, the relay is bad, of course.

3) If Tahoe's horn works, then you need to trace the voltage going from the relay to the horn itself in YOUR truck. You need to check if the voltage is present at the horn's end. If not, the wiring itself or the connection is bad.

4) If voltage gets to the horn but the horn does not work, then, the horn is bad!

The idea is to use the process of elimination. When you write back, make sure to report, on each step, what you did and what you found so we can actually "see" the results of each step.

Another thing you can do to help you troubleshoot is to compare the results of each truck as you perform each step. They should yield identical results.

Also, have you follow OnBelay's trouble-shooting chart in his post? I am sure that will help too!

#1 Son


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