tran slipping into 1st gear

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Posted by Peter ( on 11:26:45 01/28/08

2000 K1500 Sub 68,000miles

I have noticed that the truck is experiencing what I would call "slipping" when starting from a stop. I step on the gas (light to moderate pressure - not hard) and I hear the engine roar and the rpm's hit about 1500 but no motion. sometimes I feel a kick and it takes off or I let off the gas and try again and then it usually moves. This is not frequent or repeatable on demand. Have not seen it with any frequency in any other gear but have had the occasional hesitation waiting for the tran to engage.

I had the tranny fluid changed once around 50K I think.

Is this something that a tech can diagnose without dropping the tranny? Any expectations I should have when mentioning it at my next service interval (in about 500 miles - 4-6 weeks out). I use a local garage - not a dealer.

Is it something more serious that I should not wait on? If it means anything, I live in the snowbelt and often drive on salted roads or packed snow and ice. Living in the burbs. 90% city street driving with a couple 1000 miles trips per year.

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