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Posted by Ben ( on 15:12:34 01/29/08

In Reply to: Power Flush ATF? posted by Guy

Over at #1 Son's place there are several artciles on HOW2 DIY.

I use the disconnect the line to the main radiator into a catch bucket and pour in new ATF through the
fill tube. Turn it off to catch up (it comes out faster than it goes in).

IIRC, a 4L60E takes around 12 quarts, plus some to make sure the flush is complet and a 4L80E takes
over 16 quarts.

Peter's problem could also be a sticky valve body, but still RUN to the mechanic, as that too will burn the clutches in a hurry.

Knee is a bummer. Buddy (she dances professionally in the SF Ballet) tore here ACL and was back in a few months.

Not me, as mine turns out to be cartilage damage, not torn ligaments/tendons.

They can replace ligaments & tendons, but not cartilage, at this time. Told me that if I tore
the ACL, I'd have been back on the courts in 2 months.

So will have to order two knee braces and is going to be the same ones pro football & baseball
players wear (basketball players won't because their uniforms don't 'hide' it). $1,400.00 each,
so going to be around $2.8K, as the good knee will blow out if only the bad knee has the brace.

Thanks for asking!

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