2008 Sub flat tire....Bridgestone Dueler LT265/75R16E's going on

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Posted by Ben ( on 22:42:20 01/30/08

Remember that I was complaining that Michelin LTX tires are not lasting as long as they used to? They are about
8 years old.

Posted some cracked sidewall pictures a while ago. The same model tires on the Truck are about 12 years old.
They are cracking too, but no where near as badly. The truck sits idle just as long as the Suburban,
as my daily is dads Caddy.

Yesterday came out to find the Suburbans drivers side front tire flat. Took some pictures and they are below.
The cords have been exposed a long time. How long, no telling, but the pictures below show them when the flat
folded the sidewall to expose the crack a bit wider.

These tires have only seen 303 and ***_NO_*** Armorall or anyother kind of tire treatment. They
have some light off roading and lots of pavement to the snow (Lake Tahoe). Never put chains on them
either. They spent most of their life at 80PSI because they handle and wear better for some
reason (that wider rim isn't good for LTX-MS load range E tires).

Ordered two Bridgestone Dueler AT LT265/75R16E's and they should be mounted by the end of this week. Will
have to order 3 more later. Was hoping the LTX's would last long enough for me to finish noodling what to do
with a live axle front and maybe LT285's....but....$hit happens.... :(

2008 Sub flat

2008 Sub flat2

2008 Sub flat4

2008 Sub flat3

2008 Sub flat5

2008 Sub flat6

Same tires about 2 year ago.





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