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Posted by Ben ( on 22:25:39 01/31/08

In Reply to: wheel covers posted by Peter

Yes and depends...

I've had several sets of commercial tires (16.5" dia) tires and they all lasted a loooooong time, but that was back in the 70's through 80's time period. Long time in like about 18 years on the 1973 K5 and sat for years while testing other tires/wheels (had more money back then).

Just found a few spares (take offs) from dad's 1980 Chevy Silverado C10 that I now own. OEM Firestone tires and in one of the property store rooms. Out of the Sun, but exposed to air because that place has a garage that flows outside air through this room.

These tires are 'okay' and holds pressure. Ditto the spare on this truck, it's the OEM spare. I've put it on the pavement and it seems okay, but I've not driven it far, nor over 35 MPH.

NO cracks visible on either the ones in storage or the spare. 1980, so they are 28 years old.

I've had other tires in storage that didn't crack either. Only those purchased around 2000 have cracked....maybe the ozone level has increased, but I don't think that much. Both in the sun and out of the sun, but mainly sun exposed have cracked.

Blaine's suggestion of a second set of 'good' ones and El Cheapo for local is where I'm going. Plus knew that driving helps them last longer and now know I left them unmoved too long. Will now drive the Sub every week or so.

Just picked up two new Bridgestone LT265/75R16E's and mounted on my 16x10 Alco wheels. We'll see how they hold up. I'm not going allow the Sub to sit as long as before. Will need 3 more soon, but must let the tire budget build up again.

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