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Posted by Ben ( on 10:31:10 02/02/08

In Reply to: Re: wheel covers posted by Frankenbiker

: Depends. I put 300K+ miles on my drive tires in the course of 3 years. In those three years, the tires can sometimes start dry-rot cracking, but it does not go very deep.
: The last set of (8) drive tires I turned in for recapping, only 4 passed recap inspection. They're pretty tough on 'em, and only PERFECT casings get recapped. The rest of 'em get shredded.

Well, another metric. Too many vehicles for my current budget, but they are all paid for and only insurance, registration and maintenance....

Just have to move them more often, but okay, as I like all of my vehicles. Going to be tough when the 2 seat sports car is done...


: Dana 60 or Sterling 10.5"? Why not do the whole axle?

Had a Dana 60 and GM 14 bolt on my 73 K5. Loved them and a Dana 60 front is on the list, but being El Cheapo at this time....keeping th GM 14 bolt is the plan. Plus would be fun to design and DIY a rear disc setup.

Since a FF, the end play not an issue and I get to chose the caliper. That will be a caged design so changin pads will be easier and the heat rejection path not going to be through the caliper.

Wondering if the front rotor offset would work back there and keyed on the backing plate, which I'll match offset. Caliper/pad thickness will become an issue, as most rear calipers will not be thick enough for this disc, but what the heck, maybe put in the new front caliper and the wacky proportioning valve bias will work out for that. Of course a new 2 ton dually MC with a rear reservoir for disc.

No parking/E brake on the axle, but on the drive shaft at the transfer case. This is the setup on my old 70 Toyota FJ40. Loved that setup.

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