Engine won't start

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Posted by Frank ( on 14:35:30 02/04/08

My 97 Yukon has been sitting in the parking lot for a few weeks and still has the old gasoline from June 2007. I got it started yesterday, drove for about 10 yards and need to stop the engine to get the key chain out. I came back a minute later try to start the engine and it cranked but won't start no mater what. I tried to floor the gas pedal while cranking the engine or let it sit for 5 min then turned the ignition, still no start. I can smell gas under the hood and a little white smoke came out the tail pipe. What can I try next before calling for the flat bed?
The truck has been sitting because it needs a c-clip on the rear drive shaft and this is the 2nd time it broke on me.
Thanks for any suggestion or advice.


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