Re: Coolant heater plug cover...where to find

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Posted by steve in id ( on 20:03:26 02/07/08

In Reply to: Coolant heater plug cover...where to find posted by steve in id

Thanks for all the replies...Pyroil is the tm molded into the cover on the (excuse the expression) Cummins truck. No mark on the gm heater in my gas 'burb. For now, I'll go with just a female cord end; I've got 2 or 3 extension cords that need rebuilding.

I realize that preheat is not needed for gas engines, especially since the lowest temp up here this winter was 5 ABOVE zero...I can accept I'm a wuss :). I do like heat (especially defrost) in a minute or 2 instead of 10-15 or more.

Thanks again


: My truck and 'burb have plug-in-the-wall coolant heaters. When you get 'em, there's a plastic protective plug cover that's tied onto the cord. Both covers have broken, probably because it's been colder than hell here since Christmas.
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