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Posted by Ben ( on 21:59:33 02/07/08

In Reply to: Re: Gonna Make My Own... posted by 92sub

DC series field electric motors don't need gearing because they have 100% to over 300% torque at ZERO RPMs. Above 'Motor Torque Curve' is from Tesla Motors Home page, a local all electric car company who just laid off about 30% of their staff (mostly upper management & engineering). They have a tranny and are experiencing delays because of tranny failures. Note that the torque curve starts out at the max rated torque from Zero on up.

Electrics can be over driven and how/why they can attain over 300% torque for short periods of time.

Trannies were invented for ICEs (internal combustion engines), which has no torque at ZERO RPMs. So they need to idle (turning and consuming fuel) and even then, has little to no torque.

I'd not use any 'car' engine to drive the generator, but a specialty ICE which will be tuned for max efficiency, not the wide range that automotive engines are tuned for.

WOT and all of the attendant attributes for a very narrow RPM/load range.

The electric provides propulsion to the tires and regenerates power back into the batteries during deceleration/braking. Depending on the component characteristics, it can recapture over 40% of the kinetic energy while never having to use the friction materials on the brakes.

The dino powered ICE/generator is only turned on when the batteries are drained down below some preset percentage. That can be a matrix dependent on the driving style selected. If hilly, then allow the batteries to drain down a bit lower and not turn on the ICE as often, as the down hill side will regenerate.

Have a charge cord and the ICE will not be turned on often, if ever.

Since no tranny, more room for batteries, which is the main limiting factor 'today'. BTU vs density still has dino fuel the winner, for now.

This motor can fit where the auto tranny is now. High Torque
Density Traction Motor"
which is a military proto, but they should have a
little brother to it for civilian use. Note that this
thing is a 1,500 HP motor smaller than the current 4L60E.

More later when I have time.

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