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Posted by Ben ( on 11:18:53 02/08/08

In Reply to: Re: Gonna Make My Own... posted by 92sub

: You do realize the delay in actually delivering the Tesla to any customers has been problems with their transmission?

Yes, know for a fact that they are having tranny problems. I know too many in Tesla and most of them are now laid off. Was noodling applying but after seeing their architecture, passed.

They didn't use enough of the leveraged model and decided to 'invent' too many components/assemblies/systems.

Even a custom battery, which is nifty, but expensive and betting that others would buy to make that a commodity product in itself.

Lotus is the production house that will build it, if they ever fix it before their VC' pull the plug.

: It's never just an electric motor, there's always gearing.
: Do some research and you'll learn they use gears just like every other powertrain.

Take a good look at any electric vs ICE and you'll find that all electrics will have nearly 100% torque at zero rpm.

Locomotive engines have electric motors, called traction motors, which have no gears, but wheels directly bolted onto the motor shafts. Battery is just a buffer and the main source of electrical power are the diesel ICEs turning generators.

I've designed a few things with traction motors while in college. Part time in a motor controls company. Log carriage for a humongo band saw. Had to get tonnage up to speed in just a couple feet and sustain/control that speed through out the cut.

I was also racing back then and huge interest in anything automotive. This electric motor fascinated me and have been keeping track of them since and found that electro dynamics traction motor funded by DARPA for military usage (next gen tank).

Joined a group racing a Stingray and stuffed a L88 into it. Since we had an accelerometer for that log carriage, we 'tested' it out on the Vette. IIRC, around 0.9G in accleration, but that log carriage was over 1.2G and weighed about 3 times more than the Vette. The wacky part was that the log carriage was over 1.5G's in deceleration (regenerative braking).

I've designed many gear boxes for industrial controls and understand their application and place.

When consulting with a small firm who had a DARPA contract and sub to a few OEMs working on next gen hybrid (it is this gen selling now), found that the leaders (marketing/sales and management) didn't understand. The research and lead engineers did and I found out why they just went along with it. Got fried during a presentation (was about 7th contract out from the prime).

They also didn't get it and referred to their demographics surveys which said consumers would not buy a hybrid if it had a charge cord, so there are none now. Toyota was noodling it, but they 'USA' input said no. That is where I met one of the fuel injection pump manufacturers and found out the why's of their failure modes.

When we had a GM EV at Sunlabs, reminded the physicists about that 100% to >300% torque at zero RPM. Pretty soon these absolute nerd/geeks were beating sports sedans and 2 seaters out in the parking lot. Just up to about 35MPH, then the ICEs higher rev'ing took over and is where an electric motor will 'need' a tranny...but...if the duty cycle rating and the diff ratio decent, maybe no tranny needed for 'most' applications.

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