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Posted by Ben ( on 13:03:52 02/08/08

In Reply to: Re: Gonna Make My Own... posted by 92sub

Absolutely agree with you...and why I like the GM hybrid the 'best', as the other OEMs all chose a mini sized vehicle because that is the 'impression' of economy, for now.

Why I like a full sized truck for any of these.

Key is battery technology and is the main limiting factor. Plus why a small econo sized vehicle limiting in range due to the size/type of battery.

I'm a HUGE GM fan, but not blindly so.

The current full sized SUV/truck is the best of all worlds out there. My only issue and it's just a personal nit, is that they weighted the ICE too much. I'd have preferred it if they made the electric larger and the ICE mainly for sustained/long distance driving.

Towing and/or hauling heavy present a tough nut that will require a larger ICE, but that is why a full sized SUV such a great platform for this.

In stop'n go, the re-generative braking will recapture over 40% of the kinetic energy and not have to turn on the ICE much if at all.

Also agree with you about the range of owners any OEM must address. I'll toss in the idiot factor too... :)

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