Your RV/TT or FEMA's

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Posted by Peter ( on 11:06:44 02/14/08

I am not looking to get into a political discussion or anything about how FEMA handled the Katrina incident.

That said, the recent news about formaldehyde in the FEMA provided trailers makes me concerned about all the forum members with towed or mobile housing. Today's news suggests that the formaldehyde releasing wood materials used in these trailers is standard for that type of structure. There was also an arguement that these trailers were never intended for long term living so the formaldehyde exposure should never have been a long tern issue.

Those of you with mobile living structures/trailers (not from FEMA), is the formaldehyde issue something that you ever considered. Is this something new or an old story newly publiczed? Is it related to the quality of construction or FEMA's building specs?

Does it explain your current state of mind? ;-)

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