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Posted by #1 Son ( on 00:46:20 02/15/08

In Reply to: OT...RAM Question posted by gorilla bob

: Running a product called "What's Running" on my computer and it says that i have Total physical memory of 523244, and Total swap file of 1276064. I am currently having some problems wiht the computer running slow etc. does a swap file this much larger than physical ram slow things way down, and would instlling more RAM help speed things up at this point .....

I can't address your question on the size of the Swap file, but it seems that you have only 512MB of RAMs.

It depends on what Operating System your are running, Window 98SE, ME, XP or even Vista? If you are running XP or Vista, it does not seem a lot of memory, especially if you are running Vista although I kind of doubt if you are indeed using it.

Did your PC run okay before until recently? Is this problem a new occurrence? If so, what NEW program(s) or hardwares have you installed lately?

If you have just installed a Norton's Anti-Virus that you have never had before, THAT could be the reason you are running slow! Try to disable Norton and see if it runs better.

On the other hand, if you are running Windows ME or older, 512MB should be plenty! But, Windows seem to have what people call Windows Arthritis. Their performances tend to deteriorate with time. I now have an 8 year old ME machine that's doing just that. With 768MB of RAMS, it would report back that I don't have enough memory to run additional programs, etc. When I restore back to a MUCH OLDER version, like three year, it runs okay now!

I don't know the solution to this. Just hope someone else will jump in and help us.

#1 Son


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