OT: Never argue Physics...

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Posted by Marty ( on 11:28:33 02/15/08

Todays Tip: Never argue physics with your local law enforcement.

I was pulled over last night for "sounding like I was going really fast" up a hill. After leaving the Costco gas station last night ($3.039/gal), I accelerated to the 45mph speed limit, crossed the next major intersection, and up the hill following. I saw the patrol car at the front of the opposing traffic, and was not too suprised to see him chase me over the crest of the hill (the hill rises for a 1/4 mile). After asking for my license, he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. I said, no (sir). He said that based on the sound of my truck, I must have been flying through the intersection, presumably well above the speed limit. I affirmed that I kept a constant 45mph, even as the engine "accelerated" up the hill. To which he said: "That's just not physically possible." Go figure.

He let me go with a warning.

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