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Posted by Ben ( on 11:38:47 02/15/08

In Reply to: Re: Your RV/TT or FEMA's posted by Frankenbiker

I automated many plants for Weyerhauser and other wood manufacturers back in the 70's and 80's and know that they all use noxious chemicals (formaldehyde is only one of them). Mainly to do with the adhesives and fillers.

Everyone is right about outgassing and baking it helps accelerate, but it never totally stops outgassing.

I also know two people who are 'bubble' people. Both 'normal' when I first met them, but developed full blown allergies to just about anything man made out of an oil well. Have helped one remodel the house he bought out in the boonies, so know what it takes (try to take) to reduce/eliminate that stuff. Some are more sensitive than others, but we all are potentially going to develop a serious allergy to these things, especially if we expose ourselves often and in high concentrations.

Basically, the more 'manufactured' it is, the more chemicals it will have. Of course solid wood will have the least.

If you 'bake' it out and not allow it to escape, then it will just be reabsorbed and cycle if kept in a closed envelope.

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