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Posted by ajohnson ( on 15:41:32 02/15/08

In Reply to: Re: OT...RAM Question posted by gorilla bob

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: sorry forgot to say xp pro.
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You should have min of 1GB with XP-anything, and with how cheap memory is today, 2GB would be good.

All others are good suggestions. Avoid Norton or McAfee like the plague, they both used to be good but now they are so resource intensive it's not worth it. For Antivirus, I recommend AVG Free edition. I install Google search bar on Internet Explorer for blocking poopups. other thing to check is when you go into Task Manager (R-click on tray or CTL-ALT-DEL), how many processes are running? Average home PC user shouldn't have more than about 50 processes running at any one time, much more than that and that's adding to why your system is slow. Also check your 'Startup folder (Start -> All Programs -> Startup) and see how many programs are there. Anything that's there get's run at startup, and many of the things are not needed.


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