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Posted by Ben ( on 18:46:31 02/17/08

In Reply to: Re: Dang, brakes are pulling posted by Jake

I've not liked any of the after market rear disc conversions yet. Think I can do a better job, or precisely, get a larger caliper than one from a
5.4K lb GVWR vehicle.

With a full floater, an easier setup, as the semi floater with that "C" clip has too much end play and reports of scraping around corners or curves.

My super tune had the rear shoes self adjust a bit too much some times and have to manually back them off.

Main issue is with the front calipers. GM hired Bosch to review their brakes and they reported that the calipers were not stiff enough (they bent outwards) and that the slide mechanism was not good.

So the NBS front pads are caged and the caliper has a better slide mechanism.

I've designed enough brakes for industrial controls that this shouldn't be too tough. The issue will really be budgetary and getting the right dimensions/measurements. This would be fun to jaw over the forum.

If I go there, then why not stuff in a Dana 60 live axle...that might have better calipers (that will need investigation).

The effort to upgrade the front calipers & live axle would be about what it would cost me to stuff in that diesel you have and am seriously considering that.

Since I keep my vehicles till the wheels fall off or when I can't/won't fix it any more, this is a real good way to extend it's life with me.

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