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Posted by Ben ( on 10:17:13 02/19/08

In Reply to: Nissan D-matic posted by Guy

Uncle gave me his old Nissan Maxima and found that the oil changer place didn't like that automatic.

Seems they can't use the T-tech machine, as it has ruined a few, so corporate forbid all dealers use a T-Tech on them.

They just unhooked up the 'from' line and let it drain into the pit's catch can and feed new fluid into the fill hole till the fluid ran clear for a bit. Engine on and tranny in gear (worked it through all gears manually).

More and more foreign badges are using 'spec' fluids and 'we' now must trust the after market providers to make something that fits all.

Ended up just going regular ATF that met spec and flushed it often. I've also decided to ditto that for all my vehicles except for performance (2 seater and the serious off roader, not the Sub until I tow with it again). Just flush them often with regular fluid.

Finally gave that vehicle away to a non-profit after it started to nickel and dime too much (cousins really abused that thing and testament to how solid it 'was').

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