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Posted by Ben ( on 11:15:45 02/20/08

In Reply to: Synthetic versus Petro based? posted by Guy

On Nissan automatics, the mechanic (not the min wage kid) at the corner oil place said that some foreign trannies can not tolerate the back pressure of a T-Tech and will ruin it's pump.

When I went back about a month later to have them check it because the fluid turned dark, they said it's dieing and typical of 'most' Japanese auto trannies that doesn't have their fluid changed as scheduled (just taking his word on that).

Used to read lots of technical documentation on lubricates and found that synthetics have higher film strength, higher additive packages (because it is purer, it doesn't oxidize as easily, etc).

But found that regular vs synthetic doesn't have a great a differential 'these days', except for high stress useage. Plus that blending dino with synthetic isn't as bad as the old wives tales said. 50/50 begets 'around' 70%-80% of pure synthetic, but it won't last as long (that purity thing).

All that confirmed by two physicists who had chemical engineering backgrounds.

Automatics will shear at the tips of the TC vanes and no amount of external coolers will solve that. Just help get cooler fluid going into the TC to start with, so more head room. Performance and towing just heaps more/higher shearing forces.

Have considered lube analysis, but the last time checked, each test is around $28 bucks....$28 bucks buys just about a complete flush. Only if I suspect something is going south, but then it's just s confirmation of what suspect...

Did check all of my lube when still at Sun and running some skunk works at SunLabs. Authorized a spec analyzer and we all chipped in for the oil CD (kinda sorta remember cost to each of us around $10 bucks).

All of my vehicle fluids checked out GREAT.

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