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Posted by Ben ( on 11:27:59 02/20/08

In Reply to: Re: Dang, brakes are pulling posted by Jake

Thanks for the link. I've seen that kit before, but not this link.

Since I want to get another boat some day and tow a trailer (both big ones), need the beef back there. Have burned the high temp paint (2,000*F) off my rear drums so many times towing my boat, forget how many times.

When towing and braking, especially going down hill, there is a weight transfer from the trailer onto the tow vehicles rear end. So towing has the rears do much more work that non-towing.

For my budget/situtation, $900 bucks is better spent doing it myself and know can do it for a fraction of that.

Toughest part will be the time during trail-error. Mine won't be as 'pretty', unless I hire out to a machine shop. Maybe the old guys I used to go to are still alive (master tool & die...a dieing breed).

The backing plate is just the transfer part and holding part for the caliper/pads. It must center the caliper on the rotor.

I'll use a front rotor from GM, so won't have to hog out the Ford rotor lug holes like this kit does. Maybe a GM 'truck' rear disc caliper and that should get the bias via piston dia's, especially since I'm going to change the MC to one designed for 1 ton dually 4 wheel disc.

Parking & Emergency brake will be a special caliper that is normally used on drive shaft parking brakes. Noodling doubling up by putting one on the drive shaft too.

I'm driving dad's Caddy STS and its rear caliper is one of the 'higher' priced options on this kit. I don't like this caliper, as it is presently not working. The parking brake isn't self adjusting and the pads are now rattling in the cage. No time, but must make time and tear into it with the expectation of spending at least 1 whole day, as must learn & redesign as it goes.

But, I'm now semi-retired (forced) and have a bit more time here and there (between taking care of both parents 24/7) than you folks working full time.

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