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Posted by Ben ( on 09:18:37 02/21/08

In Reply to: Re: Dang, brakes are pulling posted by Jake

Agree, this is a very good price and would be between ORU and TSM that I'd get if not noodling making it myself. The two things that turned me off back when I was investigating them was that they didn't have a MC position (shoe/drum does not consume fluid, while disc does consume, so the MC has to have a larger rear reservoir). Other was that they used a too small caliper (for my usage).

Plus don't like to be told "will get back to you" and then leave me hanging on HOLD". Or that one of these had instructions to pinch off the rubber brake hose with vise grips while installing their kit (both from the same company and hope they have learned & changed).

Previous comments were for 'my' design.

As for the drive shaft parking/Emergency brake...I'm thinking of putting the disc up by the transfer case, not down by the diff. Loved the OEM setup on my 1970 Toyota FJ40, which was a mini drum just off of the transfer case. Skidded all 4 easily when in 4x4.

The other is that if am going to design my own kit, then just add a tab on the plate to hold a mini parking/E caliper, which doesn't have to be very large at all, as it's only going to be a holding or E brake. Next to no wear and should last the life of the vehicle, unless used often to stop it.

Ask if you would post the source link for you diesel again. I'm going to keep my Suburban a long time and these will help keeping it even longer.

The local parts chain I frequent has an old guy about my age who has a TBI era Suburban dually with a custom diesel that has propane injection. Surprised that he can smoke all 4 rear tires easily. He has retired and moved away, so don't have his contact info.

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