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Posted by ajohnson ( on 14:58:11 02/21/08

In Reply to: 04 sub turn signal issue posted by gorilla bob

Sounds a little like an issue I had with my '99, though I don't recall the exact symptoms. I think it might have been the same...

I determined it had to be the switch on the column that the stalk is attached to.

On mine, I removed the column shroud, and discovered the swtich mechanism is held in by some hex or torx (don't reacll which) bolts that of course are behind the steering wheel and tough to get to. There were a couple I could get two but it seems there was one I couldn't w/o removing the steering wheel, or so it seemed...

Using a cheapo hex driver that was the correct size, I cut it down to about 1/2" in length using my dremel cutoff wheel. Then I could get it in there and turn the bolt using a 1/4" open-end wrench, and a flat-bladed screwdriver wedged at the top of the hex driver to keep pressure on it.

I was able to get it out with this method, and then I took the switch apart to discover a fair amount of wear and copper shavings polluting the dielectric grease that lubes the swtich internally, the copper shavings also were allowing the switch to short between contacts, causing my problem. I cleaned all the old grease out, put in new and put it back together, problem solved...You can test it while you have it out to be sure that it's fixed.


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