Re: Why not just invest in a hard drive?

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Posted by Ben ( on 11:05:02 02/28/08

In Reply to: Re: Why not just invest in a hard drive? posted by Peter

My background in design, the industries/markets/etc and the training along the way has taught me over and over again about Mr Murphy. Especially what the military contracts always insisted on.

My routine is to make back ups often, and yes, lazy too often and have been bit at those times.

Make data file copies orginally floppy, then CDs and now DVD's. All of my data backups are inside of a small fire resistant box that has a 2hr/200*F rating. Tjat is inside of a gun safe that also has a 2hr/200*F rating. So by the time this little guy ever gets to that temp, the big gun safe has been several hours worth of fire. Also make compressed backups of the whole system every few months or so but the main thing is the monthly data backups.

The nearest fire station is 3 minutes away via red lights and siren. Taking car of both parents 24/7 has many, many 911 calls...

Right this moment, am in the process of doing a whole system backup, which the software says will take 9 DVDs (compressed). This is after backup the data files on DVD, which was about 5 DVDs (uncompressed).

I've never been able to completely rebuild from whole system backups, but what the heck, I might get lucky some day...all too soon...

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