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Posted by Ben ( on 11:23:55 02/28/08

In Reply to: How about a web site? posted by Peter

Thanks, I'll have to check with the rest of the board (money is always in very short supply).

The file storage with public access is most likely not going to work. A web site best. Pretty much the same metrics that we went through with this site. The main difference is that this site is interactive, while a HOA site 'most' likely will not be. Plus dealing with too many of these folks gives me a headach...some times... :(

I've been negligent with my learning curve on HTML stuff and just have to jump into it. Dang issue with my workstation doesn't help and bet myself that I'll have to rebuild and reinstall the OS & the rest of the apps.

My personal account at with my ISP has a 'free' web hosting section. Don't know how much memory and bandwidth, but I think the association should foot that bill, or/and hope someone else might offer.

The main issues are budget for this (there is none, but might make the case to eliminate the postal copy and go on line), that this community has a large percentage of older folks who are NOT computer savvy (nor to they have a computer and prefer hard copy) and folks willing to do the work (or have the knowledge basis to even contemplate).

The community libraries and rec centers all have public computers and wonder if 'they' will host, but guess they won't, as they will then have to open it up to the other HOA's of the city (I'm also on the city wide conglomerate HOA board...about 50K homes).

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